Our History

The Clifton Bible Church had its beginning as a Community Bible study led by Dr. Mal Couch. This Bible Study group first met on a Monday night, July 26, 2004, at the Three Mountain Retreat, near Clifton, Texas. The study was held on a Monday night so anyone could attend without interfering with the Wednesday Night services held in many of the attendee’s home church.

A Sunday Morning service was added every other week beginning on August 07, 2005. As Dr. Couch began to see the need for a Doctrinally Conservative Bible Church in the Clifton, Texas area, a search began and a building was located and purchased in downtown Clifton. The Clifton Bible Church was formed and services were moved from Three Mountain Retreat to the new location in Clifton. The new Church did not follow the conventional Sunday School followed by a Church Service format; instead, Dr. Couch lead two Bible teaching services on Sunday morning as well as  continuing the Monday night Bible study for anyone in the area wanting to attend without interfering with their own Church’s regular Wednesday night services. The first service held in the present building was on February 19, 2006.

Dr. Couch continued to lead the Church as its Senior Pastor, until he went home to be with the Lord on February 12, 2013. Before Dr. Couch went home, he passed the mantel of Church leadership to David Gant, a man that had studied under Dr. Couch at Tyndale Theological Seminary and then served as an Elder at the Clifton Bible Church under Dr. Couch’s leadership for several years before assuming the leadership role of the church as its Senior Teaching Pastor in November of 2012.

Dave Gant continues to lead the Clifton Bible Church as its senior pastor. Through Brother Dave’s leadership, the church continues to be a Doctrinally Conservation Bible Church that teaches the simple truths from the scriptures each week.