Mission Criteria

To help make decisions on which mission activity/organization we should support as a church, the below criteria should apply.  In developing this criteria the Elders fully recognize that each and every individual involved in our church life is on a mission from God to carry His message of salvation to a dark world wherever they reside and in whatever way they can – particularly in life style evangelism.  Other entities worthy of our support should clearly demonstrate and have as their commitment:

  1. The proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  2. Teaching & making Disciples per Matthew 28:19/20
  3. Zeal to minimize administrative/operational expenses
  4. Be in concert with CBC’s doctrinal statement and goals.  We require a copy of their doctrinal statement and the organization/person sign CBC’s to demonstrate agreement.
  5. Not focused on social gospel objectives
  6. Give us periodic reports and visits on activities and challenges/needs.

When the church chooses to support a mission it is expected and anticipated that we will not only give our monetary support but individuals in our congregation will also support it through prayers and fellowship.


Agreed to by Elders – January, 2014